40 km crossing from Uruguay to Argentina
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Obtaining the river crown will not be easy

The swim across the Río de la Plata is considered one of the greatest open water challenges in the world and one of the oldest (1919). It has become a coveted event for extreme open water swimmers. Spanning 40 km of turbulent waters between Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay and Punta Lara on the Argentine side, the journey has become an icon among open water swimmers. Those who attempt the crossing are considered brave and heroic for taking on such a formidable challenge, pushing their physical and mental limits on the world’s widest river. Only a few have managed to complete the journey, making it an extreme and daring feat. For the ambitious open water swimmer, the Rio de la Plata swim is a must challenge that will test their limits and provide an unforgettable experience.

In the Rio de la Plata you can expect the unexpected!

When one coast is left behind, the other is still hours away from being seen.

A few hours after leaving behind the bastion of Santa Rita, you lose sight of the Uruguayan coast but you cannot see the Argentine coast, this is the moment where everything is a river around you, where the brown waters of the Río de la Plata show their immensity the swimmer and all his equipment on board.

If you want to know more about this crown, visit the website of the association that oversees it, ACNRP (Asociación Cruce a Nado Rio de la Plata).