Puerto Blest in San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina.

21 km of cold and crystalline water.
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If you are cold this crown is not for you!

The BVT challenge (Puerto Blest to Villa Tacul) is a 21-kilometer swimming challenge in the crystal clear waters of one of the most beautiful lakes in Argentina, the mythical Nahuel Huapi. Participants will have to brave the cold water temperatures and strong winds of the Huapi, located in San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentine Patagonia. Throughout their tour, the participants will be immersed in the majestic views of the Patagonian mountains, appreciating the beauty of this region. BVT will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

So gather your courage and search for your lake crown in this epic setting!



450 meters deep below your floating body

You will start the swim from the beach of Puerto Blest, located in a bay at the end of the Blest arm of Nahuel Huapi. Its turquoise waters, product of the river mouth of Frias river, will provide the ideal environment for this battle that will be fought for hours and will take you to swim in the deepest part of this lake.

If you are not worried about sudden changes in conditions and you think you can adapt to what ¨El Huapi¨ proposes, you should contact Open Water Argentina and they will take care of the logistics of your search for this cold crown.